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Dec 29, 2021

My special guest Courtney Zych from the Pixel Fire team joins me in this podcast so we can discuss how Engagement Equity works when you’re doing an online ad campaign. Learn about ways to give value in the midst of all the “asking” so your campaigns deliver better results!

Dec 22, 2021

One of my favorite pastimes is reading and I always love recommending books in my podcasts to help enrich your lives and improve your businesses. In this episode, I give some recommendations on business, non-fiction, and fiction books that have helped me create a more fulfilling world.

Dec 15, 2021

Employee engagement is a necessary component of any successful business. In this podcast, I talk about the 10 C’s of employee engagement and tips on making sure you are creating the right environment in which your employees can thrive.

Dec 8, 2021

The ask is just as important as the deposits in the Engagement Equity world. Why is the ask important? How can you time your ask and make sure you’ve earned the right to it? And, most importantly, how can you recover from an ask being rejected? All this and more will be covered in this episode of the Earn the Ask...

Dec 1, 2021

Engagement Equity is all about building solid relationships that are beneficial for everyone! In the third part of my Frequently Asked Questions About EE segment, I talk more about using the tips and tricks of Engagement Equity to build strong relationships with your networking partners, customers and clients, and those...