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Feb 23, 2022

What do your social media posts look like? Are you making enough valuable deposits that warrants your right to Earn The Ask? My special guest Maysie Scherer from the Pixel Fire Marketing team joins me to give you tips and tricks for developing social media content that follows the 80/20 rule.

Feb 16, 2022

What is empathic leadership and how can you put empathy into action to make your business a better place for all? In this episode, I’ll explore what empathy in action looks like for leaders and give some tips on how you can use Power Players to make your employees feel valued and engaged. Bonus book recommendations...

Feb 9, 2022

What stories are your employees telling themselves? That they are a valued part of your company? Or that they are unappreciated and undervalued? Listen to this week’s podcast to find out how to tell what story your employees have in their heads and how to make sure all your employees feel appreciated, valued, and...

Feb 2, 2022

Your customers and clients all tell themselves stories about who they are and why they buy certain products or engage with specific businesses. Identifying what story they are telling themselves will help you solidify your brand and reach your target audience. Find out ways you can do this when you listen to this episode!